How do I keep my light bulbs organized?

Keep bulbs in see-through shoe box–size covered bins on a closet shelf. Label the bins by wattage—40 to 60 watts, 100 watts, and so on, says Amy Brady, an organizer in Austin, Texas ( Use one bin to contain specialty bulbs, like night-lights, high hats, and halogens.Click to see full answer. In this manner, what is the best way to store light bulbs? Store light bulbs If you have uniquely shaped bulbs, such as those for outdoor floodlights or chandeliers, you could wrap them in packing paper and write on the paper the type of bulb and what it is for.Furthermore, can light bulbs be stored outside? Outside, in the weather where the cardboard boxes may become wet, is not a viable option. Used light bulbs should not remain in storage for more than a year. Proper labeling would be useful, noting that the bulbs are used and the date that they were placed into storage. Used light bulbs must be stored in a container. Likewise, people ask, how long can you store light bulbs? All the SureFire, Welch Allyn, Carley, Osram, etc. modern lamps should have a practically infinite shelf life. Certainly a good 20 or 30 years. As long as they aren’t stored in damp conditions, and aren’t physically abused or vibrated or shocked, there is nothing to go bad.Can light bulbs be stored in the cold?Light bulbs in freezers and frozen outdoor weather work just fine. Storing them in your garage won’t cause any problems.

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