How do you avoid resonance?

How to Avoid Resonance Adding stiffness increases the natural frequency. Adding mass decreases the natural frequency. Increasing damping reduces the peak response but widens the response range. Decreasing damping increases the peak response but narrows the response range. Click to see full answer. In this manner, what is the cause of resonance?The result of resonance is always a big vibration – that is, a loud sound. The vibrations of the aluminum force the air column inside of the rod to vibrate at its natural frequency. The match between the vibrations of the air column and one of the natural frequencies of the singing rod causes resonance.One may also ask, what is resonance condition? Series Resonance The resonance of a series RLC circuit occurs when the inductive and capacitive reactances are equal in magnitude but cancel each other because they are 180 degrees apart in phase. The sharp minimum in impedance which occurs is useful in tuning applications. Herein, how can resonance be harmful? It may cause violent swaying motions and even catastrophic failure in improperly constructed structures including bridges, buildings and airplanes. This is a phenomenon known as resonance disaster. Avoiding resonance disasters is a major concern in every building, tower and bridge construction project.Can resonance be used to destroy anything?Physicist: Nope! “Resonance” is a “driven harmonic oscillation“, where the driving force pushes and pulls at, or near, the “resonant frequency” of whatever it is that doing the resonating. There are two big issues involved with destroying stuff using sound, or gentle taps, or whatever you’re using to drive the motion.

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