How do you decorate a beach theme?

Some beach house decor items you can add include: Beach-style napkin rings. Linen, striped or nautical napkins. Hurricane candle holders. Chargers or a small accent plate in a nautical style. Hand-blown glasses that look like seaglass. A table runner or table cloth in a coastal look or color of your choice. Click to see full answer. Also to know is, how do you decorate a beach? David Bromstad’s Beach House Design Dos and Don’ts Don’t Decorate Around a Theme. Do Give Your Beach House an Overarching Style. Don’t Buy Every Nautical Accessory. Do Nod to Coastal Style. Do Go Beachy and Bold. Don’t Default to Natural Wicker. Do Try Colorful Furniture. Do Get Inspired by Your Surrounds. Additionally, how do you decorate a beach cottage? In a beach-inspired space, whites, neutrals, and pastels create the canvas for accents of bold colors, such as navy blue, corals, or golds. Architectural elements of a beach cottage style include white beadboard walls and ceilings. Blue and white dominate this coastal living room by Emily Henderson. Correspondingly, how do you decorate with a coastal theme? To bring a coastal cottage look to your home, dress the walls with painted white woodwork detail like board and batten, bead board wainscoting, and white washed paneled walls. Try to keep wood flooring and tables in a light finish. Think weathered wood, driftwood tones, whitewashed, natural maples, ash and bamboo.What are good beach colors?Deep or navy blues and oranges work well together for a bold, fresh look. Blues and greens blend well for a beach-inspired palette. Use navy blue sparingly as a focal point, such as a headboard to keep a room airy, but use navy blue lavishly if you’re going after a moody atmosphere.

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