How do you fill a Soma pitcher?

We recommend filling the pitcher up to the bottom of the “A” of the SOMA printed on the reservoir; this is the 10-cup (80-oz) level. But, feel free to fill it up as high as you’re comfortable.Click to see full answer. In respect to this, how do you clean a Soma pitcher?The pitcher itself can be hand-washed with a soft sponge, but to keep the handle looking its best, avoid getting it wet and oil it with mineral oil once a month. Mold isn’t something we see often, especially if your Soma is being washed regularly.Subsequently, question is, how long does a Soma filter last? about two months Thereof, is Soma better than Brita? Yes, we think so. In the battle of Soma vs Brita, it comes down to your taste. Brita replacement filters cost less and most likely do a better job of removing impurities. The problem with all water filter pitchers is that none of them are perfect.What is Soma filter?The Soma Filter turns ordinary tap water into fresh, filtered water, effectively reducing unwanted contaminants like chlorine, mercury, copper, and more.

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