How many questions are on the hazmat test in Texas?

The exam has 30 questions and requires correct answers for 80% or more of the questions to pass. You will have 3 opportunities to pass the exam within 90 days of your application.Click to see full answer. Also asked, how many questions is the hazmat test? 30 questions Likewise, how much does it cost to take the hazmat test in Texas? 3) Pay 11$ to take the Hazmat test. It is 30 questions, multiple choice, must get 24 questions out of 30 correct to pass. You get 2 additional free retries within 90 days if needed, just can’t take the test more than once per day. Similarly, it is asked, how many questions are on the hazmat test for CDL? 30 question How long does it take to get hazmat endorsement in Texas?From the time you complete the fingerprinting/DHS check and take the written hazmat test, it may be about 2-3 weeks before the HM endorsement is added to your CDL.

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