Is Hebe suitable for pots?

The main need for growing hebes in containers is to water them so that the compost is kept moist but not water-logged. Many varieties of hebe are eminently suitable for growing in containers because the majority not only produce flowers but also have interesting foliage.Click to see full answer. In this way, can Hebes be pruned hard? Hard Pruning Hebes Hard pruning should be done over a period of time, cut back sections to a bud, 1/3 of the bush at a time, give the plant time to start new growth before starting on the next section.One may also ask, how do you care for a Hebe? Hebe likes a sunny spot in the garden and can tolerate full sun (but will also happily thrive in partial shade) Ensure water can always drain away – the Hebe doesn’t like sitting in puddles of water. When your Hebe is flowering (Summer-Autumn), give it a water with plant food in once a fortnight. Also to know is, are Hebes good for wildlife? Woody shrubs and climbers provide food for wildlife, including berries, fruits, seeds, nuts leaves and nectar-rich flowers. So why not plant a shrub garden and see who comes to visit? Woody shrubs and climbers provide food, shelter and breeding places for our wildlife.Should I prune my Hebe?As with the vast majority of flowering evergreen shrubs, Hebe shrubs should be pruned in the growing season – or right at the end of the winter dormancy period. They should not be pruned in late Autumn – nor winter months. When pruned well – and sparingly – these shrubby Veronicas can enhance any garden – or container.

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