Is triple 13 fertilizer good for grass?

Good. Triple-13 fertilizer is cheapo crapola that should not be used on lawns. DON’T use cheap, quick-release fertilizers like 13-13-13. Sure, it costs about half of the brand names, but its nutrients run off after a heavy rain and don’t feed for long.Click to see full answer. Then, what is triple 13 fertilizer used for?This Hyponex 13-13-13 40 lb. All-Purpose Fertilizer helps provide the nutrients your plants need to grow. This fertilizer is ideal for your vegetable garden, shrubs, trees, hedges and flowers. The fast-release formula feeds your plants up to 2 weeks.One may also ask, is triple 12 fertilizer good for lawns? Therefore a bag of 20-10-10 contains 20% N, 10% P, and 10% K. These three nutrients are the most essential nutrients for turfgrass health. The above label is for a 12-12-12, or “triple twelve” fertilizer. This is a balanced fertilizer, providing equal amounts of N, P, and K. Similarly, you may ask, is triple 16 fertilizer good for lawns? Super 16-16-16 All-Purpose Garden and Lawn Starter Fertilizer is good for feeding trees, shrubs, evergreens, flowers and vegetables. It is also good for starting new lawns. It contains slow-release nitrogen for extended feeding.Is triple 19 fertilizer good for lawns?The microbes in the soil will break down the slow-release fertilizers gradually. The grass is able to use these nutrients over a longer period of time. Fertilizers like our All-Purpose 12-12-12 and 19-19-19 are best used on lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens.

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