Is Yosemite affected by wildfires?

There are multiple fires burning in Yosemite National Park’s wilderness. Wildfires when caused by lightning are a natural phenomenon on the landscape. While hiking trails and sitting at vistas you may see smoke in some of these areas. Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are currently in place inside Yosemite National Park.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in view, why do they burn trees in Yosemite? Mechanical Thinning and Pile Burning This process, known as mechanical thinning, is alsoused to reduce heavy accumulation of fuels in any forested area, which can help prevent larger fires by removing “ladder fuels” that carry fire from the forest floor into the canopy of mature, overstory trees.Additionally, is it safe to go to Yosemite? Yes, it’s safe in the park, but it is natural – meaning be prepared for nature. Uneven trails, dangerous rivers, sunburn, dehydration. Cell service is fantastic at higher elevations (Glacier Point, Half Dome). Secondly, what is the air quality in Yosemite right now? Health Message: None Ozone 43 Good Particles (PM10) 7 Good Particles (PM2.5) 13 Good When was the fire in Yosemite? August 17, 2013

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