The Most Beautiful Christmas Light Displays In Europe

Beautiful Christmas Light Displays In Europe

When one thinks about Christmas in Europe, there comes nothing but joy on faces. The amazing food and snacks which are shared at the London table are one celebrant would never love to miss should they come into contact.

The amazing sights in Greece, the beautiful displays in Italy, and the cute lightenings across the street of Europe.

We love the Christmas spirit that breaks through many countries in Europe and the variety of different presentations that give each place its own special holiday magic.

Below are a few of the most beautiful Christmas light displays as captured across some parts of Europe:

Mainz In Germany:

 Beautiful Christmas Light Displays In Europe
Beautiful Christmas Light Displays In Europe

Germany – Mainz is a very beautiful space to be as their light displays are ‘crazy’. This place is best known as the spot where Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type printing and printed the famous Gutenberg Bible.

Mainz also is well-loved because of its amazing wine sceneries. There are a lot of amazing things to see in the city which is filled with lights, history, arts alongside their interesting food. During holidays, Mainz becomes lighted and brings refreshments in the Christmas season.

Their traditional Christmas markets offer the best ever experiences that would make you wish for nothing but a permanent stay as a tourist.

Apart from their lovely lights, they have a lot to eat and drink without regretting it.

Budapest In Hungary:

Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is bisected by the River Danube. Christmas celebration at this place is filled with merry-making and lights. Their markets open with amazing light displays for tourists to have a feel of their rich presence.

St. Stephen’s Basilica presents a beautiful light show. It includes multidimensional projections that are viewed with 3D glasses.

There is also an availability of a lighted Chain Bridge for view all year round. It is best enjoyed during holidays – you can give it a try.

Colmar In France:

Colmar, France is one of the most lighted cities in the world. Colmar is a town in the Grand Est region of northeastern France, near the border with Germany.

This little town has got wooden-framed structures and beautiful creatures that you would enjoy all the time.

When Christmas appears, the charming nature and lightening of the city make it a pleasant and adorable space to be. It started with a public lighting program that was the first of its kind in France.

It has ever since been continued for all these while with the lightenings representing things like water, air, earth, and fire.

When Christmas is near, look no further than flying to Colmar – France to catch some amazing holiday.

London In England:

It would be a very bad account to speak about lighted Christmas across the globe within fingering wintry London holiday scene.

The venue has food halls filled with every imaginable treat, people dressed in their holiday finery, plum puddings, toy shops, and afternoon teas.

It is just right to say, London does it right when it comes to displaying beautiful lights on Christmas. Many London areas have their own spectacular Christmas lights displays from streets to neighborhoods and even the ZSL London Zoo.

Once you by chance come across the other parts of London with amazing lights, you would not have enough of the scenes.

Vilnius In Lithuania:

Vilnius, Lithuania is a place to be and enjoy the best view of lightening displays. One famous feature is the phenomenal lighted Christmas tree shaped like the Queen in a chess game which is the most loved by tourists.

This lighted tree is dated back to 14th and 15th centuries. In recent times, tourists are treated with much more lightening.

More lights such as a Christmas tree near the town hall, multiple Christmas markets, and a recently added “Alternative Christmas Yard” are also displayed.

The beautiful scene provided makes it one of a kind.

Madeira In Portugal:

On Christmas, every part of Portugal feels way beyond magical. Even on days, Portugal feels like heaven.

In Madeira, the celebrations around Christmas and New Year’s Eve are legendary as tourists who storm the city during that era demand some more time.

Funchal which is the island’s main city is filled with lights making the streets around it look just like heaven; oh what a mind-blowing scene it is.

The entire island illuminates across the scene and in the soul. A stupendous firecrackers show in Funchal covers up the ringing in of the new year as well.

While you’re partaking in the exquisite occasion lights shows in Madeira, don’t neglect to commend the magnificent food. New fish and Portuguese shimmering wine should assist with making the occasion light show considerably more splendid and excellent.

Vienna In Austria:

Vienna, Austria perfectly fits the taste of anyone looking for an elegant city to stay. The city known for its music and wine is brighter during the Christmas season.

Over two million lights around 33 of the main shopping routes are provided making the city very gorgeous – isn’t this enough to get your attention?

Taking a stroll on the eve of Christmas at Vienna In Austria will provide you the chance to enjoy their amazing buildings, lovely venues, and historical features which are of course beautiful.

Prague In Czech Republic:

This town is very cool for lovers. They make romance during Christmas festivities look tempting. Their old town square brightens with light.

Their amazing church buildings, ancient buildings which are all pleasing to watch makes them one of a kind.

Mulled wine, Czech Christmas cookies, hot roasted chestnuts, and gingerbread treats are some of the food ypu will be enjoying during your stay within their territory.

Here is a place you musit visit or go.

Strasbourg In France:

Strasbourg is the capital city of the Grand Est region, formerly Alsace, in northeastern France. It is also known as the ‘Capital Of Christmas’.

This place is attracted to many tourists. It is a lot of traveler’s loved place for vacation. A giant Christmas tree is projected at the centre of the city while lightenings are shot across the street and around it.

They have some amazing cuisine which is mostly German with the Christmas markets also offering some amazing sales of interesting items.

You won’t regret spending a couple of Dollars at the Strasbourg.

Ruedesheim In Germany:

Rüdesheim am Rhein is a town in the Rhine Valley, Germany. It’s known for winemaking, especially of Riesling wines. The city is charming and beautiful.

The towns around gets filled with lightening and hand-made items. They also have some amazing Christmas treat.

Ruedesheim coffee is something you shouldn’t miss out. This is definitely a place you should have a treat this Christmas.

Vigo In Spain:


Vigo is a city on Spain’s northwest coast. The mouth of the nearby Vigo Estuary is sheltered by the Cíes Islands, which form part of the Atlantic Islands National Park.

Their lightening decoration is just one of a kind and an amazing one.

They begin the celebration of Christmas with giant storybooks, a Christmas village, Santa’s House, 10 million lights, more than 450 Christmas trees on display among others.

There are also some interesting tourists sites you can be guided to have a visit to.

Below are some 6 amazing places you can enjoy spending your Christmas at.

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