Top 10 Richest Politicians in South Africa

Richest Politicians in South Africa

We have done thorough research and got in touch with details of some top 10 richest politicians in South Africa.

Politics in South Africa is an avenue where a lot of young and old become super-rich. It has been one of the richest avenues since the end of apartheid.

Most people who hold political positions are successful businessmen or women. In fact, since the apartheid, many South Africans have held various political positions.

Below are some of the top 10 richest politicians one can find in South Africa:

1. Cyril Ramaphosa – $700 Million:

Cyril Ramaphosa is believed to be worth over $700 million. He was serving as president of his country since 2018.

He was also elected as the President of the African National Congress abbreviated as (ANC).

He was previously an active anti-apartheid activist and also a trade union leader as well as a businessman.

Also, Cyril Ramaphosa served under Jacob Zuma as his Deputy President. He as well worked as Chairman of the National Planning Commission from 2014 to the year 2018.

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