What are the 4 types of asthma?

Medical professionals rank asthma into four types from mild to severe. These types include: mild intermittent asthma. mild persistent asthma. moderate persistent asthma. severe persistent asthma. Click to see full answer. Herein, what are the 4 categories of asthma?The EPR-3 guideline classification divides asthma severity into four groups: intermittent, persistent-mild, persistent-moderate, and persistent-severe.Additionally, what is the last stage of asthma? Moderate persistent asthma is an advanced stage of asthma. People who have this condition experience asthma symptoms every day. They may also experience symptoms at least one night per week. Flare-ups can last several days. Similarly one may ask, how do I know what type of asthma I have? Your doctor will want to know whether you have common signs and symptoms of asthma, such as: Recurrent wheezing. Coughing. Trouble breathing. Chest tightness. Symptoms that occur or worsen at night. Symptoms that are triggered by cold air, exercise or exposure to allergens. Can asthma kill you? Asthma Can Be Deadly And, tragically, asthma can kill. Most people who die from asthma are over age 50, but children sometimes die of the condition.

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