What are the first signs of shaken baby syndrome?

Shaken baby syndrome symptoms and signs include: Extreme fussiness or irritability. Difficulty staying awake. Breathing problems. Poor eating. Vomiting. Pale or bluish skin. Seizures. Paralysis. Click to see full answer. Also, how long does it take for shaken baby syndrome to show up? Symptoms and Signs They may appear immediately after the shaking and usually reach a peak within 4-6 hours.Secondly, can shaken baby syndrome go unnoticed? This is why there are no accurate statistics about the incidence of shaken baby syndrome. In fact, many of its signs and symptoms are not exclusive to SBS. They can go undetected or be confused with those of other health problems, such as minor falls, regurgitations, crying spells, or irritability. Likewise, people ask, how do you know if your baby has shaken syndrome? Symptoms. Being shaken affects babies in many different ways. Symptoms include vomiting, bluish skin, tremors or shakes, breathing issues, and drowsiness. Babies may also become less interested in eating, have trouble sucking, and stop smiling and talking.What do you do if you suspect shaken baby syndrome?Call 911 immediately if you suspect your child has shaken baby syndrome. Some babies will stop breathing after being shaken. If this occurs, CPR can keep your baby breathing while you wait for medical personnel to arrive.

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