What can you do in Bainbridge Island without a car?

Tour the wineries of Bainbridge Island. While many of them have tasting rooms downtown, you can actually visit some of the other wineries on the island, including Rolling Bay Winery and Bainbridge Vineyards. Walk the gardens at Bloedel Reserve, a 150 acres wildlife sanctuary with stunning gardens and trails.Click to see full answer. Likewise, what can you do on Bainbridge Island? Top Attractions in Bainbridge Island Bloedel Reserve. 547 reviews. Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. 165 reviews. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. 292 reviews. Fay Bainbridge Park. 153 reviews. Hall’s Hill Labyrinth. 35 reviews. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum. 127 reviews. Heyday Farm. Fort Ward Park. Also, how do you get around Bainbridge Island? Public Transportation. B.I. Ride. (Powered by Kitsap Transit) An island-wide bus service that combines three scheduled stops (including the ferry terminal) with Dial-A-Ride flexibility. Tours. Tour Bainbridge. 321 High School Rd NE. Suite D3 PMB 223. Boat Rentals. Eagle Harbor Inn (Electric Boat Rentals) 291 Madison Ave. S. Moreover, should I take a car to Bainbridge Island? There is absolutely no need to take a car to Bainbridge! We were underwhelmed by the Bloedel Reserve your mileage may vary. Just walk on the ferry and walk into town.Can you ride a ferry without a car?Yes, there are plenty of things to do without having a car. The ferry runs approximately once an hour from very early morning until quite late in the evening. It is at the main intersection, a five minute walk from the ferry terminal.

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