What channel is Fox on in Arizona?

Stations for Phoenix, Arizona Display Channel Digital Channel Network KSAZ-TV PHOENIX, AZ 10-1 10.3 FOX KUTP PHOENIX, AZ 10-2 26.4 FOX Click to see full answer. Thereof, what is the Fox channel in Phoenix? KSAZ-TV Phoenix, Arizona United States Slogan Just You Watch the Best We Are Fox 10 Channels Digital: 10 (VHF) Virtual: 10 (PSIP) Translators KUTP-DT 10.2 (26.4 UHF) Phoenix (For others, see below) Affiliations 10.1: Fox (O&O) 10.3: Heroes & Icons 10.4: Light TV Also, where can I watch Fox Sports Arizona? We recommend Hulu Live TV for most viewers in the Phoenix-Prescott, AZ area. You’ll be able to watch Fox Sports Arizona and 26 of the Top 35 Cable channels. Similarly one may ask, what channel is Fox on DirecTV in Arizona? Fox Sports Arizona Sports Arizona DirecTV 686 (SD/HD) Dish Network 415 (SD) 415 (HD; live telecasts only) Cable Cox Communications (Phoenix) 34 (SD) 1034 (HD) What channel is Fox on DirecTV? Search for channels with the DIRECTV Channel Guide below # Channel Name ENTERTAINMENT 219 Fox Sports 1 220 NBC Sports Network 221 CBS Sports Network 223 Celebrity Shopping TV •

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