What family is lanthanum in?

group 3 Click to see full answer. Considering this, what is lanthanum used for?Lanthanum is one of the rare earth elements used to make carbon arc lights which are used in the motion picture industry for studio lighting and projector lights. Lanthanum also makes up about 25% of Misch metal, a material that is used to make flints for lighters.Similarly, what is the origin name of lanthanum? Lanthanum was first found by the Swedish chemist Carl Gustav Mosander in 1839 as an impurity in cerium nitrate – hence the name lanthanum, from the Ancient Greek λανθάνειν (lanthanein), meaning “to lie hidden”. Hereof, where is lanthanum found? Lanthanum is never found in nature as the free element. Lanthanum is found in the ores monazite sand [(Ce, La, etc.) PO4] and bastn°site [(Ce, La, etc.)( CO3)F], ores containing small amounts of all the rare earth metals.Is lanthanum a lanthanide?lanthanide series, a series of metallic elements, included in the rare-earth metals , in Group 3 of the periodic table . Members of the series are often called lanthanides, although lanthanum (atomic number 57) is not always considered a member of the series.

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