What is an art song or lied quizlet?

also called lied, was a song for solo voice and piano accompaniment. had greatest success in the Art Song. He captured both the spirt and the detail of the text, creating a sensitive mood painting in which the voice, and especially the accompanying piano, expresses every nuance of the poem.Click to see full answer. Similarly, you may ask, what is an art song or lied?An art song is the musical representation of a poem. It developed in 19th century Germany, where it was called lied, or song. A group of songs was known as lieder. Some composers wrote series of theme-based songs, referred to as liederkreis.Similarly, what is a lied quizlet? What is a Lied. It is a genre for a solo voice and a piano. Furthermore, what would best describe an art song? An art song is a vocal music composition, usually written for one voice with piano accompaniment, and usually in the classical art music tradition. By extension, the term “art song” is used to refer to the collective genre of such songs (e.g., the “art song repertoire”).What are likely elements the piano might imitate?A musical composition for solo voice and piano. What are likely elements the piano might imitate in an art song? The splashing of water, the dark sounds of thunder, and the spinning motion of a wheel.

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