What is Erythrosin B?

Erythrosin B, also called as eosin B, is a xanthene dye. It belongs to the family of fluorescein dyes. Erythrosin B is an artificial food dye that induces hyperkinesis when swallowed by susceptible children.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, what is erythrosine used for?Erythrosine is commonly used in sweets such as some candies and popsicles, and even more widely used in cake-decorating gels. It is also used to color pistachio shells. As a food additive, it has the E number E127.Secondly, is e127 banned in UK? Although previously banned in Norway, Austria and Germany, E102 has been deemed safe for use by the European Food Safety Authority which has recommended a safe level of consumption. The UK Food Standards Agency called for a voluntary phase-out of E102 by 2009. Similarly, you may ask, is Red 3 bad for you? Consuming too much food dye containing contaminants could pose a health risk. However, with the exception of Red 3, there is currently no convincing evidence that artificial food dyes cause cancer.What is Red Dye #3 used in?FD&C Red No. 3, also known as erythrosine, is a synthetic dye with a cherry-pink stain. In foods it is used to dye cake decorating gel, candies and popsicles, among other food items. Red #40 (Allura Red), is an azo dye, but it is often used in place of Red Dye #3 and can still be found in use in the food industry.

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