What is the best place to shop for school supplies?

The 7 Best Places to Buy School Supplies in 2020 01 of 07. Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon. Buy on Amazon. 02 of 07. Walmart. Courtesy of Walmart. 03 of 07. Target. Courtesy of Target. 04 of 07. Staples. Courtesy of Staples. 05 of 07. Bed Bath & Beyond. Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond. 06 of 07. Best Buy. Courtesy of Best Buy. 07 of 07. Oriental Trading. Courtesy of Oriental Trading. Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, who has the best prices on school supplies? 18 Best Places to Get All the Back-to-School Supplies for Cheap Buy pencils at Staples when they run back-to-school sales for $0.25 a box. Buy crayons at Walmart when they’re $0.50 per 24-pack. Buy rulers at Office Depot when they reach $0.25 each. Buy glue sticks at Walmart when they’re $0.25 each. Buy calculators at Dollar Tree for $1.00. how much should I spend on school supplies? The NRF estimates that, on average, households will spend over $117 on standard classroom supplies, nearly $136 on shoes, over $200 on computers and electronics, and nearly $240 on clothing. Similarly, are school supplies cheaper at Walmart or Target? Always on the list of necessary school items, head to Target for pencils and pens. Even school shopping in bulk won’t save you at Walmart, where two 10-packs of blue BIC Xtra Life medium ballpoint pens are $5.77, compared with one pack for just 99 cents at Target. The deals are much closer when it comes to pencils.When should I buy school supplies?With the exception of computers, September typically is the best month to buy school supplies. By September – and especially after Labor Day – stores want to get rid of school supplies that have yet to sell rather than store them or ship them back to warehouses, so they will price them to sell.

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