What is the elevation of the highest contour line on the Hill?

[The maximum height is 599 meters or 649 meters, depending on the elevation of the highest contour line on the hill (550 m or 600 m).Click to see full answer. Then, why isn’t the highest point on a hill or a mountain represented by a contour line?”The highest elevation point is represented by a number In order to make sense, a contour line has to represent a relative elevation all the way around the circumference of the mountain. The lines are not circles and where they are wavy, this indicates places where the mountain juts out. “Additionally, how can you identify the top of a hill or mountain from contour lines? Think of contour lines as the distance between each incline. The closer together the inclines, the steeper the hill. On the other hand, the farther apart lines tend to indicate a depression in the landscape. Another way to tell elevation is the numbers on the map. how do you find the elevation of a contour line? By counting the number of contours from a labeled line, and multiplying by the contour interval, you can calculate the elevation of any contour line. For points located between contour lines, you can estimate the elevation by examining the distance to the two closest contours. 4.What is the contour interval of the topographic map below?In the map shown below, the elevation difference between index lines is 100 meters. The elevation difference or vertical distance between two adjacent contour lines would be 20 meters (100 : 5 = 20). Therefore the contour interval is 20 meters.

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