What is the function of diffuser in a gas turbine?

Turbine Engine Diffuser. The diffuser is the divergent section of the engine after the compressor and before the combustion section. It has the all-important function of reducing high-velocity compressor discharge air to increased pressure at a slower velocity.Click to see full answer. Moreover, what is the function of diffuser?Diffuser (thermodynamics) A diffuser is “a device for reducing the velocity and increasing the static pressure of a fluid passing through a system”. The fluid’s static pressure rise as it passes though a duct is commonly referred to as pressure recovery.One may also ask, what is the function of diffuser in turbocharger? The diffuser slows down the high-velocity air, largely without losses, so that both pressure and temperature rise. The diffuser is formed by the compressor backplate and a part of the volute housing, which in its turn collects the air and slows it down further before it reaches the compressor exit. Herein, how does the gas turbine engine work? All jet engines, which are also called gas turbines, work on the same principle. As the hot air is going to the nozzle, it passes through another group of blades called the turbine. The turbine is attached to the same shaft as the compressor. Spinning the turbine causes the compressor to spin.What is the function of the main bearing in a turbine engine?The main bearings have the critical function of supporting the main engine rotor. The number of bearings necessary for proper engine support is, for the most part, determined by the length and weight of the engine rotor. The length and weight are directly affected by the type of compressor used in the engine.

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