What is the name of S3Cl2?What is the name of S3Cl2?

Which of the following is the correct name for the compound S3Cl2? Sulfur chloride Sulfur (III) chloride Sulfur (II) chloride Trisulfur dichlroide. See answers (2)Click to see full answer. Beside this, what is the name of cdf4?Cadmium fluoride (CdF2) is a mostly water-insoluble source of cadmium used in oxygen-sensitive applications, such as the production of metallic alloys. what is s3cl2? Oxidation state (or oxidation number) refers to the number of electrons added to or removed from an element when it forms a chemical compound. The Na+ ions and Cl− ions then form a compound, NaCl, sodium chloride (table salt). Or the Fe2+ and S2− ions form FeS, iron sulfide. Also know, what is the name of Se4S4? The compound name for Se4S4 is tetraselenium tetrasulfide. It is a selenium compound in the sulphide class, and it has a red color and a crystalline solid appearance.What is the name of 4hno3?N2O dinitrogen monoxide; it is also called nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

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