What is the use of proc report in SAS?

PROC REPORT generates a report of the data in your data set. It can be used to create a simple printing of the data or something more complex. PROC REPORT can calculate statistics for numeric analysis variables, such as the sum or mean. Also, PROC REPORT can sort and group the data by variables in the data set.Click to see full answer. Considering this, what is Proc report?SAS: proc report. proc report combines proc freq, proc means, proc print, proc sort, proc tabulate and can do things for which normally proc template is used.Beside above, what is Proc Tabulate in SAS? PROC TABULATE is a procedure used to display descriptive statistics in tabular format. It computes many statistics that are computed by other procedures, such as MEANS, FREQ, and REPORT. PROC TABULATE then displays the results of these statistics in a table format. what is a SAS report? SAS is a tool for analyzing statistical data. SAS is an acronym for statistical analytics software. The main purpose of SAS is to retrieve, report and analyze statistical data. Broadly speaking the statements in a SAS program categorized as : data steps and procedures.What does Proc transpose do in SAS?PROC TRANSPOSE helps to reshape data in SAS. To save programming time and maintaining the accuracy of the code, we should use TRANSPOSE procedure to restructure data. Transpose Data with PROC TRANSPOSE. Example Data Set. Let’s create sample data which is used for explaining the TRANSPOSE procedure.

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