What means peat free compost?

Just as it says pet free compost contains no peat. It is compost which is made from other types of composted biomass. Examples of materials used in peat free composts are: Composted garden waste and bark. Coir-based (i.e. fibre from the outer husk of the coconut) mixes containing biochar.Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what is peat free compost?Buy peat free compost. Peat-free potting composts contain mixtures of organic material – such as composted bark, coir (coconut fibre), woodfibre and green compost – mixed with inorganic materials such as grit, sharp sand, rock wool and perlite.Furthermore, what is the best peat free compost? Fertile Fibre coir compost the best peat-free on test trial of container composts is Fertile Fibre Multipurpose Compost, made mostly of coir (milled coconut husks which are often burnt as waste) plus some vermiculite. Besides, what is the benefit of peat free compost? For general potting a peat-free compost has the benefit of holding moisture well and releasing nutrients slowly and over a long period of time, which is ideal for planters and containers.What is the difference between compost and peat?Peat moss has few if any nutrients, while compost is much better. However, compost is not fertilizer. Compost usually has a neutral (pH 7) or slightly alkaline soil reaction. Peat moss doesn’t compact, so can last for years in soils, providing good aeration and water holding.

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