When should you position unity XT to your customers?

Dell EMC Unity XT is perfect for use cases like: Customers who is already using cloud or deciding to adopt a cloud strategy. Use cases: File tiering, block snapshot archiving, DRaaS, workload migrations. Branch offices: only 2U, centralized monitoring, tools & features to manage storage in branches.Click to see full answer. Then, what advantages does Dell EMC unity XT provide for midrange data centers? Dell EMC Unity XT: No compromise midrange storage Designed for performance: Gain high-speed access to your data and a modern architecture that is NVMe ready. Optimized for efficiency: Gain more effective capacity with up to 5:1 data reduction. Additionally, which Dell EMC tool provides data to help size a Dell EMC Unity system? EMC Unity Sizer. EMC Unity Sizer is a modern HTML5 based sizing tool for Unity. Through SSO (Single Single-ON), built-in best practices and ordering integration tool aims for ease of use and smooth workflow. The one-stop tool design allows many different ways to create a sized system configuration. Furthermore, what is EMC Unity storage? • Truly unified offering: Dell EMC Unity storage delivers a full block and file unified environment in a. single 2U enclosure. You can use the same pool to provision and host LUNs, consistency groups, NAS servers, file systems, and Virtual Volumes alike.What is recommended to maximize system performance on Dell EMC Unity systems?In order to realize the performance potential, Dell Technologies recommends the use of Flash drives in all Dell EMC Unity systems. In order to maximize system performance, eliminate individual bottlenecks by utilizing all hardware resources. Spread Flash drives across back-end buses.

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