Which is shorter Mercury’s day or year?

A Day On Mercury Is Actually Longer Than Its Year. One day on Mercury (i.e -the time it takes to rotate around its axis once) lasts 176 earth days. A year on Mercury (i.e – the amount of time for Mercury to orbit the sun once) is 87.97 earth days.Click to see full answer. Consequently, is mercury year shorter than its day?It’s proximity to the Sun also means that it orbits the planet quite rapidly. To break it down, Mercury takes roughly 88 Earth days to complete a single orbit around the Sun. Between this rapid orbital period and its slow rotational period, a single year on Mercury is actually shorter than a single day!Likewise, how long is Mercury’s Day? 58d 15h 30m Secondly, why is a Mercury year shorter than an Earth year? Mercury is much closer to the sun. This means one orbital period (the time it takes to make a full orbit), is less. This logically means one year takes less time.Which planet year is shorter than day? Venus

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