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Robert Hammond Patrick, Jr. Wiki Biography

Robert Hammond Patrick, Jr., born on the 5th November 1958, is an American actor who became famous through his roles in the movies “Die Hard 2” and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”.

So how much is Patrick’s net worth? As of mid-2016, it is reported by authoritative sources to be over $6 million, acquired from his long career as an actor both in movies and on television.

Robert Patrick Net Worth $6 Million

Born in Marietta, Georgia, Patrick is the son of Nadine and Robert Sr., and the eldest of five kids. During his younger years, acting was not in Patrick’s plan; he was educated in Farmington High School in Michigan, and later his college education was at Bowling Green State University. His early years in Bowling Green were focused on playing American Football and on the track, until he attended a drama class that sparked his interest, and he decided to drop out of college.

After leaving college, Patrick struggled to launch his acting career, and for a while worked as a house painter in Ohio, and then as a bartender in Los Angeles. Although he was able to book small appearances in low-budget films including “Eye of the Eagle”, “Future Hunters” and “Killer Instincts”, income was still minimal, and he was even forced to live in his car.

Patrick’s break finally came in 1990 when he was included in Bruce Willis’ film “Die Hard 2”; though it was a small role, it opened doors of opportunities for him in Hollywood, and Patrick got the role of the antagonist in the film “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” in 1991. His role as the robot T-1000 became one of his most iconic roles to date; with limited lines and limited expression his performance on the film established him as one of the premiere villains in Hollywood. The movie’s success meant the same for Patrick’s career, and helped his wealth immensely.

Right after “Terminator 2”, projects started pouring in for Patrick. His next projects included “Wayne’s World” and “Last Action Hero” – in which he reprised his role as T-1000 – “Fire in the Sky”, “Double Dragon”, “Hong Kong 97” and “Striptease”; slowly his career was growing along with his net worth.

In the early 2000s, Patrick started transitioning to television, appearing in various shows including . While simultaneously appearing in television, he also made movies including “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “Ladder 49”, “Walk the Line” and “Flag of Our Fathers”, making him a very busy and wealthy actor.

Patrick has now made over 80 films, and countless appearances in television shows, making him not just a sought-after villain but a great actor as well. Patrick is still active in show business; recently he became part of the suspense drama series “Scorpion”.

In terms of Patrick’s personal life, Patrick has been married to actress Barbara Hooper since 1991, and together they have two kids. Patrick also participates in “Love Ride”, a charity motorbike event that helps raise money for the benefit of under privileged children and US veterans.

Full Name Robert Patrick
Net Worth $6 Million
Date Of Birth November 5, 1958
Place Of Birth Marietta, Georgia, USA
Height 1.83 m
Profession Actor
Education Farmington High School in Michigan, Bowling Green State University
Nationality American
Spouse Barbara Hooper (m.1990-)
Children Austin Patrick, Samuel Patrick
Parents Nadine and Robert Patrick, Sr.
Siblings Richard Patrick, Cheri Patrick, Lewis Patrick, Karen Patrick
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/robertpatrickofficial
Twitter https://twitter.com/robertpatrickT2
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ripfighter/
IMDB www.imdb.com/name/nm0001598
Awards Saturn Awards for the Best Actor on Television (2001)
Nominations MTV Movie Awards, Saturn Awards, Jury Awards
Movies “Die Hard 2”, “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” (1991), “Scorpion” (2014-), “Wayne’s World”, “Last Action Hero”, “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “Ladder 49”, “Walk the Line”, “Flag of Our Fathers”
TV Shows “The X-Files (1993-), “The Sopranos”, “Stargate Atlantis”

1 Often cast by Robert Rodriguez
2 Gravelly voice with southern accent
3 Frequently plays characters who are involved in law enforcement or the military. Among his roles, he has played nine different “Colonels” and four different “sergeants”, as well as one major general.
4 Frequently plays corrupt, homicidal or unfriendly characters due to his intense presence and cold blue eyes.

1 [2012, on The Marine (2006)] I think it was at a point in my career when I really needed a job, and there it was. John Cena, good guy. It was a WWE film. Another archetype villain. I wanted to see what I could do within that genre. I had fun with it. I got to do some stuff with the director that he and I kind of concocted that I thought worked. It ended up being one of the most successful films that WWE ever produced. I gave it everything I could, man. That’s all you can do. I committed wholeheartedly. I got to go to Australia and take the family, I remember that. And right after that, I think I went to work for David Mamet on The Unit (2006).
2 [2012, on Lost (2004)] First time I’d ever been to Hawaii in my life. I flew in, and I remember them putting me up in a hotel. I had one scene to do. There was a missing finger, as I recall. I never watched the show, I didn’t know who I was or what I was, but I committed to that part, too, and I think it worked. Hawaii was certainly great. I got to go to Pearl Harbor. They just called me up and said, “Hey, we want you to play this part; it’s one scene, but you’ve got a nice monologue.” So I said, “Sure, what the hell.” And the young man that I had the scene with [Josh Holloway], a terrific guy, it turned out he was from Georgia.
3 [2012, on The Sopranos (1999)] That was a very, very daunting experience, to fly into New York and get in there and work with those guys. My acting coach and I worked our butts off getting in there, so I felt good about what I was doing, and it definitely paid off. Everybody in Hollywood watched The Sopranos (1999), so it was good for me to be seen on that show and show what I could do. [James] Gandolfini is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever worked with. Edie Falco, tremendous. A great experience.
4 [The T-1000] is what broke me out big to the world, and I kind of carry it with me everywhere I go, for good or bad.
5 I looked to animal and insect imagery to develop the lack of substance and wasted motion that my Terminator has. I tried to tap into the killer instinct inherent in animals, where they are locked onto a target and will walk through anything that gets between them and their intended target.
6 [on success] Acting is the only thing I have to offer so a day doesn’t go by when I don’t stop and appreciate this.
7 I think 90% of acting is makeup and wardrobe. The other 10% is what I do here in my office, bouncing off the walls.
8 If acting hadn’t worked out? I never really gave that a lot of thought. Acting HAD to work out. I never gave myself another option. I had no choice.
9 I think every experience you have working with people you admire and respect really enriches you as an artist.
10 I love acting, period. If I’m going to get hired as a psycho, by God I’ll take the job. I am enjoying playing humans a little bit more now.
11 I wouldn’t trade my film school – which is basically Roger Corman – for anything. That’s how I got my experience in front of the camera.
12 [on his role in Fire in the Sky (1993)] I am this guy. This is the closest to the real me than I’ve ever seen. I grew up with these kinds of guys.
13 I’m the kind of actor that talks to myself in a weird way to find whoever it is I’m looking for.
14 [on his favorite character] He’s (T-1000) one of the ones that I’m the most proud of, but I can’t say that he’s my favorite. But he’s one of my close top favorites. I’ve done some roles since that I’m really proud of. I was proud of what I did in Cop Land (1997). I really liked what I did in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991); there have just been a lot of characters since that I’ve done that I’ve really enjoyed. I REALLY enjoyed John Doggett. He was definitely a role that I very much enjoyed. He might be my favorite. Yeah, Doggett might be my favorite, actually. But I really liked the character I played in Cop Land (1997), a little movie I did called The Only Thrill (1997) with Sam Shepard, Diane Keaton and Diane Lane, and another movie, a very obscure little independent movie called A Texas Funeral (1999) with Martin Sheen.
15 [on Wushu – the martial art training he studied for preparing the role of the T-1000] Everyday, I had to show up and convince myself that I literally was this guy (T-1000) and that’s not easy to do. There are many distractions. I really consider the whole T2 experience sort of like a boot camp, military type of an experience that I endured and sort of graduated from if that makes any sense to you.
16 [on his preparations when he was cast as the T-1000] My intention was just to be a good adversary for Arnold to match. To match and be superior in character that you would believe that I could get the upper hand on him or else the whole movie wouldn’t work. I obviously had a great deal of faith in Jim Cameron and Stan Winston and everyone involved, so that was where my commitment was, to really pull this off. I didn’t want to let him down or let anybody down but I had hoped it would be this memorable, I had an inclination it would, but I don’t think I realized what an impact it would have, and how it would change my life.
17 I’ve been acting for 16 years. I’ve done 55 movies and, in all seriousness, there’s maybe five that are good and the rest are crap.
18 You can’t think about how people will perceive you or your character. All you can do is focus on your work. The rest is up to the universe.

1 He is left-handed.
2 Brother-in-law of Tina Johnson.
3 Currently resides in Los Angeles, California.
4 Majored in accounting while attending Bowling Green State University.
5 Immediately after being cast in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), he took a martial-arts crash course, then began exhaustive strength, endurance, and weapons-training sessions. “For three months,” he says, “all I did was sleep, eat, take vitamins, and train.”.
6 Enjoys riding motorcycles.
7 During his first 10 years in the film business in which Patrick was a struggling actor in “B” movies, his pay was so meager that he had to supplement it by bartending at night.
8 In the mid to late 1980s, he lived in the same Los Angeles complex with such neighbors such as Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty (2003)), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters (1984)) and Cynthia Ettinger (Deadwood (2004), The Silence of the Lambs (1991)).
9 Has played the fathers of both Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash: Vernon Presley in Elvis (2005) and Ray Cash in Walk the Line (2005).
10 The appearance of character Dale Gribble from the animated series King of the Hill (1997) is based on Patrick.
11 Has the distinction of being the only actor killed on screen by all three of the Planet Hollywood founders: Bruce Willis (in Die Hard 2 (1990)), Sylvester Stallone (in Cop Land (1997)), and most famously by Arnold Schwarzenegger (in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)).
12 Has two children with his wife Barbara Patrick: daughter Austin and son Samuel.
13 Has four siblings: Richard Patrick, Cheri Patrick, Karen Patrick and Lewis Patrick.
14 Has played the same character (T-1000) in three movies: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Wayne’s World (1992) and Last Action Hero (1993).
15 Attended Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, but dropped out.
16 Attended and graduated from Farmington High School in Farmington, Michigan (1977).
17 Has appeared in Meat Loaf’s music video “Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer than They Are”.
18 Has reprised his Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) character, the T-1000, for the theme park attraction T2 3-D: Battle Across Time (1996), a short film filmed in a new 3-D process that makes the film really appear to jump out at you.


Title Year Status Character
Last Gasp 1995 Leslie Chase
Body Language 1995 TV Movie Delbert Radley
Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell II – Picture Show 1994 Video music video ‘Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are’ uncredited
Hong Kong 97 1994 Reginald Cameron
Double Dragon 1994 Koga Shuko
Zero Tolerance 1994 Jeff Douglas
Body Shot 1994 Mickey Dane
Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron 1993 TV Series Dr. Lieter Greenbox
Last Action Hero 1993 T-1000
Fire in the Sky 1993 Mike Rogers
The Cool Surface 1993 Jarvis Scott
Broken 1992 Video short Cop (uncredited)
Tales from the Crypt 1992 TV Series Lothar
Wayne’s World 1992 Bad Cop
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 T-1000
Terminator 2: The Arcade Game 1991 Video Game T-1000
Hollywood Boulevard II 1990 Cameraman
Die Hard 2 1990 O’Reilly
The New Lassie 1989 TV Series Russ
Behind Enemy Lines 1987 Johnny Ransom
Equalizer 2000 1987 Deke
Warlords from Hell 1987
Eye of the Eagle 1987 Johnny Ransom
Future Hunters 1986 Slade
Last Rampage 2017 post-production Gary Tison
Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink 2 2016 post-production Dallas Cambridge
Scorpion 2014-2017 TV Series Cabe Gallo
Eloise 2016/II
Street Level: Behind the Scenes Featurrette 2016 TV Series Giuseppe
Cassius and Clay 2016 TV Movie voice
Street Level 2015 Giuseppe
Lost After Dark 2015 Mr. C
Hollywood Adventures 2015 Security
Appalachian Outlaws 2014-2015 TV Series Narrator
Ultimate Spider-Man 2015 TV Series Mr. Frank Whizzer
Hellions 2015 Corman
Cold War 2015 Short Man
Tell 2014 Ashton
Sons of Anarchy 2013-2014 TV Series Les Packer
Kill the Messenger 2014 Ronald J. Quail
True Blood 2012-2014 TV Series Jackson Herveaux
The Road Within 2014 Robert
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series 2014 TV Series Jacob Fuller
Ask Me Anything 2014 Doug Kampenfelt
Endless Love 2014 Harry Elliot
Community 2014 TV Series Waldron
Mercy 2013/III Short Randall
LocoCycle 2013 Video Game S.P.I.K.E. (voice)
Mr. Sophistication 2013 Sterling French
Identity Thief 2013 Skiptracer
Last Resort 2012-2013 TV Series Master Chief Joseph Prosser
Lovelace 2013 John Boreman
Gangster Squad 2013 Officer Max Kennard
Mafia 2012 Jules Dupree
Trouble with the Curve 2012 Vince
Jayne Mansfield’s Car 2012 Jimbo Caldwell
Safe House 2012 Daniel Kiefer
Red Faction: Origins 2011 TV Movie Alec Mason
Good Day for It 2011 Luke Cain
S.W.A.T.: Firefight 2011 Video Walter Hatch
Big Love 2011 TV Series Bud Maybury
Edgar Floats 2010 TV Movie Nicholas Breakey
Five Minarets in New York 2010 Becker
Caged Animal 2010 Warden Dean
Burn Notice 2010 TV Series John Barrett
Kill Speed 2010 DEA Agent (uncredited)
Chuck 2010 TV Series Col. James Keller
Psych 2010 TV Series Maj. General Felts
NCIS 2009-2010 TV Series Colonel Merton Bell
The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond 2009 Pete
American Dad! 2009 TV Series
The Men Who Stare at Goats 2009 Todd Nixon
The Unit 2006-2009 TV Series Colonel Tom Ryan
Alien Trespass 2009 Vern
Lonely Street 2009 Mr. Aaron
Autopsy 2008 Dr. Benway
Avatar: The Last Airbender 2007-2008 TV Series Piandao
The Batman 2008 TV Series Hawkman
Strange Wilderness 2008 Gus Hayden
Fly Me to the Moon 3D 2008 Louie (voice)
Balls of Fury 2007 Sgt. Pete Daytona
Bridge to Terabithia 2007 Jack Aarons
We Are Marshall 2006 Coach Rick Tolley (uncredited)
Flags of Our Fathers 2006 Colonel Chandler Johnson
The Marine 2006 Rome
Ben 10 2006 TV Series Phil / Rookie
Disorderly Conduct 2006 TV Series Narrator
Firewall 2006 Gary Mitchell
Cold Shoulder 2006 TV Movie
The Outfit 2005 Video Game Deuce Williams (voice)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2005 TV Series Ray Schenkel
Walk the Line 2005 Ray Cash
Supercross 2005 Earl Cole
Duck Dodgers 2005 TV Series J. Edgar Ashcan / Prisoner
The Fix 2005 Short Shay Riley
Lost 2005 TV Series Hibbs
Elvis 2005 TV Series Vernon Presley
Ladder 49 2004 Lenny Richter
Stargate: Atlantis 2004 TV Series Colonel Marshall Sumner
Preview to Atlantis 2004 TV Movie Marshall Sumner (uncredited)
Bad Apple 2004 TV Movie Colonel Tom Ryanmy ‘Bells’ Bellavita
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle 2003 Ray Carter
1st to Die 2003 TV Movie Nicholas Jenks
Pavement 2002 TV Movie Sam Brown
Ticker 2002 Short FBI agent (uncredited)
Out of These Rooms 2002 John Michael
The X-Files 2000-2002 TV Series John Doggett
Angels Don’t Sleep Here 2002 Det. Russell Stark
Backflash 2002 Video Ray Bennett
Eye See You 2002 Noah
Texas Rangers 2001 Sgt. John Armstrong
Spy Kids 2001 Mr. Lisp
All the Pretty Horses 2000 Cole
Mexico City 2000 Ambassador Mills
Batman Beyond 2000 TV Series Richard Armacost
The Sopranos 2000 TV Series David Scatino
Shogun Cop 1999 Detective
The Angry Beavers 1999 TV Series Wingnut
A Texas Funeral 1999 Zach
The Vivero Letter 1999 James Wheeler
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money 1999 Video Buck
Renegade Force 1998 Jake McInroy
The Faculty 1998 Coach Joe Willis
Perfect Assassins 1998 TV Movie Leo Benita
Ambushed 1998 Shannon Herrold
Rag and Bone 1998 TV Movie Sgt. Daniel Ryan
Tactical Assault 1998 Video Col. Lee Banning
Hacks 1997/I Goatee
Cop Land 1997 Jack Rucker
Asylum 1997/I Nicholas Tordone
Rosewood 1997 Lover
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest 1996-1997 TV Series Roger T. Bannon / Goon #2 / Crew #1 / …
The Only Thrill 1997 Colonel Tom Ryan McHenry
Superman 1996 TV Series LeBeau
Striptease 1996 Darrell Grant
The Outer Limits 1995-1996 TV Series Major John Skokes
T2 3-D: Battle Across Time 1996 Short T-1000
The Dig 1995 Video Game Commander Boston Low (voice)
Decoy 1995 Travis


Title Year Status Character
Last Rampage 2017 producer post-production
Angels in Disguise producer pre-production
The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond 2009 executive producer
Ravager 1997 producer
Within the Rock 1996 TV Movie producer


Title Year Status Character
A Place Among the Undead 2016 TV Series documentary Himself (2016)
21 Days Under the Sky 2016 Documentary Narrator
Conan 2014-2016 TV Series Himself – Guest
Sinatra 100: An All-Star Grammy Concert 2015 TV Movie Himself – Presenter
The Talk 2014-2015 TV Series Himself / Himself – Scorpion
This Week in Hollywood 2015 TV Series Himself
Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race 2015 TV Movie Himself
The IMDb Studio 2015 TV Series short Himself
The Insider 2014 TV Series Himself – Scorpion
Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey 2014 Documentary Himself
On Set from Dusk Till Dawn 2014 TV Series documentary Jacob Fuller (2014)
Revealed 2013 TV Series Himself
Marie 2013 TV Series documentary Himself
Made in Hollywood 2013 TV Series Himself
The Hollywood Fast Lane 2013 TV Series Himself – Interviewee
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2013 TV Series Himself
Easy to Assemble 2008-2012 TV Series Himself
Unite for Japan 2011 Short Himself
In Search of Ted Demme 2010 Documentary
Ace of Cakes 2010 TV Series Himself
WWE Raw 2006-2010 TV Series Himself / Rome
WWE Summerslam 2009 TV Special Himself
Independent Vision: Lonely Street 2009 Video short Himself
The Making of the King 2009 Video short Himself
Starz Inside: Unforgettably Evil 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
Hell’s Kitchen 2009 TV Series Himself – Actor: Terminator 2
Séries express 2009 TV Series Himself
Speechless 2008 TV Movie documentary Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2007 TV Series Himself
Declassified: The Making of ‘The Marine’ 2006 Video short Himself
Sci-Fi Saved My Life 2006 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself – Host
50 Films to See Before You Die 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
Hollywood’s Master Storytellers: Live with Robert Patrick and James Keach 2006 TV Movie Himself
Becoming Cash/Becoming Carter 2006 Video documentary short Himself
The 11th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
Threads of Mythology, Part 4 2005 Video documentary short John Doggett
Cop Land: The Making of an Urban Western 2004 Video short Himself
The X Files: The Making of ‘The Truth’ 2004 Video documentary Himself
The Wayne Brady Show 2004 TV Series Himself
American Thunder 2003 TV Series Himself
The Daily Show 2001 TV Series Himself
Late Night with Conan O’Brien 2001 TV Series Himself
The Making of ‘Terminator 2 3D’ 2000 Video documentary short Himself
From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic 1999 TV Movie documentary Himself
T2: More Than Meets the Eye 1993 Video short documentary Himself
The 18th Annual People’s Choice Awards 1992 TV Special Himself
The Making of ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ 1991 TV Short documentary Himself

Archive Footage

Title Year Status Character
Lennon or McCartney 2014 Documentary short Himself
Stargate: Atlantis 2004-2008 TV Series Colonel Marshall Sumner
WWE Cyber Sunday 2006 TV Special Rome
E.C.W. 2006 TV Series Himself / Rome
WWE Raw 2006 TV Series Rome / Himself
WWE Smackdown! 2006 TV Series Rome
Venice Report 1997 TV Short documentary Jack Rucker
Terminator 2 3-D: Battle Across Time Pre-Show 1996 Short T-1000
The Making of ‘True Lies’ 1994 TV Movie documentary T-1000 (uncredited)
Guns N’ Roses: You Could Be Mine 1991 Video short T-1000

Won Awards

Year Award Ceremony Nomination Movie
2005 Jury Award Temecula Valley International Film Festival Best Actor The Fix (2005)
2001 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Actor on Television The X Files (1993)

Nominated Awards

Year Award Ceremony Nomination Movie
2002 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Actor in a Television Series The X Files (1993)
2000 OFTA Television Award Online Film & Television Association Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series The Sopranos (1999)
1994 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Actor Fire in the Sky (1993)
1992 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Supporting Actor Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
1992 MTV Movie Award MTV Movie Awards Best Villain Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

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