Court Grants Injunction To Temporarily Prohibit Park Yoochun’s Entertainment Activities

Park Yoochun’s
Park Yoochun’s
Singer and actor Park Yoochun, who is in dispute with a management company, is on the verge of suspending his activities in the domestic entertainment industry.

On the 10th, the Seoul Central District Court cited a request for an injunction against Park Yoochun from appearing on TV shows and entertainment activities by Yespera, who was entrusted with Park Yoochun’s management. In response, Chaeum, a law firm in charge of Yespera’s legal affairs, told Xports News, “After applying for an injunction to ban Park Yoochun from appearing in TV shows and performing in entertainment, we received a citation decision.”

The court decided, “Until the verdict on the original case is finalized, Park Yoochun must not engage in music or video production, publicity, publicity, character business, appearance work, or entertainment activities for third parties other than Yespera.”

Park Yoochun, who caused many controversies such as drug use and overturning his retirement, has continued to perform at home and abroad. Among them, Yespera, who had delegated the exclusive management authority from her agency Ricielo, filed a court case in August saying, “Park Yoochun unilaterally abrogates the exclusive management contract and intends to carry out activities according to the exclusive contract signed with a third party.” Park Yoochun has applied for an injunction to ban his broadcast appearances and entertainment activities.

At the time, Park Yoochun claimed that it was groundless and explained that he was proceeding with civil and criminal legal proceedings against Ricielo, but only a year after announcing a new start with Ricielo, he faced a crisis of suspending his entertainment activities again.

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