Top 10 Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites

Top 10 Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites

Some top celebrities can be found on dating sites. There have been revealed here for all readers to have a view.

There are so many ways we find to establish a romantic relationship and also find love as well. Looking at our world today, online dating is one of the most common ways to establish romantic relationships as well others to try them or to catch fun.

Due to this, there are so many online dating sites that aren’t just common among ordinary people but celebrities, actors, models and many others also make use of online dating sites.

With deep digging into people’s profiles, we will realize that lots of prominent people and some very well-known stars are also on the largest dating apps although there are lots of fake accounts with high people names there are a few verified and confirmed officially.

1. Katy Perry:

Top 10 Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites
Top Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites

Toping the list with our darling Katy, sure it would be unbelievable she would ever patronize online. But she shocked us this time around.

Perry in one of her early interviews admitted that in the past, she used Tinder, an online dating app thou it isn’t totally disclosed if she hooked up or not.

2. Zac Efron:

Top Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites

Sometimes relationship comes with luck. It will be very difficult to believe that even someone as popular as Zac an American actor and singer is a customer of Tinder.

Although it’s very difficult for people to believe it was the real popular Zac Efron but who are we to judge it’s a sweet life.

3. Khloe Kardashian:

Top Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites

Khloe after her relationship with the basketball player James Harden hit the rock in 2016, she was.

Introduced to an online dating site by her friend Malika though she never considered online dating as a possibility, interestingly, she decided to give it a try for the sake of her friend. Friendship goal and apparently Khloe had a lot of fun.

4. Lindsay Lohan:

Top Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites
Top Celebrities Who Can Be Found On Dating Sites

She made it confirmed on Twitter when she was spotted on a dating site in 2013. Lindsay before her settling with Egor Tarabasov though it didn’t last went through several unsuccessful flings for a period of time and she later changes her status to single. Heartbreaking.

5. Amy Schumer:

It was clearly revealed in her book The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo that she met her ex-boyfriend, named Ben Hanisch online through an online dating app.

Imagine how hard it can be if she really is if only she had found a real-life partner.

6. Mila Kunis:

The actress is been so real to reveal the fact that she is registered on several popular dating sites at once.

However, she made it clear that it was done out of curiosity for her to see how it works which means when another movie star is seen on Tinder or the likes of those sites, we must keep our hope normal and not expect much.

7. Demi Lovato:

Demi in her 2017 documentary Simply Difficult, revealed that she had a profile on one of the dating sites in the past though she made it very clear that she was just looking for some fun conversations with both boys and girls and nothing other than that so interesting of her.

8. Halle Berry:

She was actually hooked on dating sites before finally meeting her husband in 2012. Though she was actually registered there under a fake identity that wasn’t an obstacle to her going on dates.

Though the relationship later sank in the river, she was able to catch her fish before as one of the strangers became lucky but ended up being her ex-hubby.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio:

Though the profile hasn’t been active for a while, his profile was found on one of the most popular dating sites a few years ago and there is the fact that it exists.

Though Lenard’s taste for beautiful models never changes. But still, there is no denying that he was still looking for some love back then.

But according to his friends, he actually downloaded the dating app out of curiosity and to look at beauties with not many emotions attached to that.

10. Britney Spears:

Though she was convinced by the host to register on a dating site when she appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show in 2014, who knows maybe she did meet someone there even with the fact that it may just have been a publicity trick.

A promo photo was used as her profile picture back then due to her perfume advertisement although it might have been a bad move but who knows.

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