4 Simple Ways To Know If Your Man Truly Loves You

Ways To Know If Your Man Truly Loves You

There are various ways to know if your man truly loves you and we have it detailed here for you.

Flirt and love are two different words whose actions sometimes seem the same. Sometimes it’s very hard to actually tell whether someone loves you or is just flirting with you even when both of you are in a relationship.

But luckily, there are a few critical signs that are very important in every love connection. These actions show how much more your lover loves you more than you think.


Ways To Know If Your Man Truly Loves You
Ways To Know If Your Man Truly Loves You

JEALOUSY” is a very strong word. In love, It is the fear and insecurity which forces a person to maintain or guard something that he is scared to lose with strictness and obsessive behaviors.

Ironically, love is the most common cause of jealousy for men. They tend to experience what I call “THE OWNER’S INSTINCT”. Just because they have a hard time accepting their woman interacting with other people.

Some men even get jealous when their woman spends more time with her fellow woman. Don’t get it twisted, they feel that way because they are scared of losing someone they love.

A guy that really loves you gets so affected and so unsure of how to react that he ends up behaving like a jerk. Even the nicest and coolest guy gets jealous when you do some things.

Some might be able to hide it but some just can’t. Situations that get a man who loves you jealous include Flirting with other guys, Laughing at another guy’s jokes, Testing another guy’s at night when you compare your ex-partner to him, and even having a male best friend.


Ways To Know If Your Man Truly Loves You

A man that truly loves you is never scared to introduce you to close relatives or friends. He always wants to hold your hand and squeeze a part of your waist in public which is a sign of him telling the world that he got you.

He always compliments you in front of everyone and even when the two of you are alone. He doesn’t mind being seen with you. He always tries to make your friends his and your fight his as well.

He always wants to do everything for you even when someone else offers to do that. He easily notices when you change your perfume. He also wants to stand closer to you and exchange direct eye contact with you. He always and constantly repeats how much he loves you.


Ways To Know If Your Man Truly Loves You

When I talk about intimacy, I don’t mean the random sex but rather that look of spark and light in his eyes when he stares at you. When a guy truly loves you, he never misses that opportunity to hug you and feels a constant need to hold your hand or simply care for you.

He never fails to initiate contact, and by that, I mean an increase in the number of texts or calls. This means that he misses you and wants to hear from you and that he enjoys having conversations with you.


Some men are not really the gift type of men but it’s a love language and falling in love truly with you can make them actually turn into the gift type just to make them see you smile.

But if he does your dishes takes out the trash, helps you when you do the laundry or sometimes even does the laundry himself, helps you to choose a dress to wear or pays attention to what you want to eat, or assist in things that you hate doing by yourself, then it’s a pretty good sign that he truly loves you.

When a guy truly loves you, he involves himself in things that make you happy for instance “ watching your favorite tv show with you or participating in a girls show together with you even when it’s not his thing and says that as far as you are happy, he is also happy.

He also supports your dreams and assists in making them a reality which after, they express their happiness over your progress.

Here are some tips to build and understand your relationship.

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